Organizational Structure
Adopts a simple organization structure as a flat communication and decision making system that helps the company to achieve:
Quick decision making .
Independency of administrational units.
Flexibility of modification of authorities.
The organizational structure consists of 5 main administrations, where each has its own divisions and units.
All administrations are controlled by three main directors: the Board, the executive president and the general manager.
The basic decisions are taken by the board of executives:

The Function Structure
The function structure is basically built on the organization one, where all vacancies are clear.
Every department manager is responsible to point out the job

Description of each division in his / her department.
All departments manager are performing the duties description of each department, which the communicative system required.
Relations between departments are controlled by the procedural system applied.

Strategic Allies

Dar builds a very strong relation with many strategic allies in all sectors of economy which provides the Group with the power of wide public relations networking. Our allies are recognized in Financial, Commercial, Constructions, Real Estates and Industrial sectors. Such alliances support the Group to achieve its objective more effectively and efficiently, which in turn affects positively the invested capitals.
One merit of this group is that it has a strong relationship with many consultant companies in all consultant domains, administration, engineering, finance and investment. All these things work together to provide the group with every distinguished experience and consultant it may need.


Our General Strategy

  • Working in legal investments Adopting the Total Quality Management Procedures
  • Making sure all parties are beneficiaries
  • Improvement and development
  • Maintaining advanced auditing standards.
  • Creating Of New Opportunities
  • Commitment to our contracts and the client’s satisfaction.
  • Consideration of reality and credibility in promoting our products.
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