Dar Investment & Development

With a strategy of its own, Dar Investment and Development Company have been established in 2004. The real-estate firm aims to alter the stereotype concept of real estate business in Qatar. With its new strategy, the Company managed to make a successful and constant access into the Qatari market by introducing the Lagoon Plaza Twin tower and Palm Tower Projects. Al Zuhour Complex is Dar’s first residential compound Villas in Doha, the compound comprises of 104 luxury double story Villas in addition to recreational facilities

Dar Investment and Development aspires to translate its symbol” hand in hand to build Qatar” from words into deeds. Dubai-based Bonyan International Group is the umbrella under which Dar investment is functioning. The Group of companies has lately managed to expand its business to also include Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and countries such as, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and England.

To work in rooting DAR image as one of the leaders & luxurious partner in establishing and managing projects, locally and internationally.


To invest modern management in pushing DAR to the first row of companies that are establishing and managing projects from idea to actual phase, in kind and quantity, that through a professional team who can adopt and practice modernization of concepts and contribute to the soul of future .

To invest all available opportunities in the field of projects facility management (real estate’s industry, business affairs, and related marketing) To employ and raise capitals through our projects or the others’ projects.
To apply all modern management and investment patterns that enable the group to cope with all investments and management opportunities.
To continue developing  productive resources of the company ( staff , capital , assets , time , technology , information ) To achieve a growth ratio that goes beyond the limits in the  market .

Investment Strategy
To practices all investments that could be conducted through the Islamic methodology and investment.
To study and analyze any opportunity through a solid feasibility study before adopting this opportunity.
To work on finding individual investing capitals to be employed in our groups as an alternative to banks.
To limit the investments according to company’s activities and abilities.
To be always under the limits of laws and market accepted procedures.
To adopt a third-party auditor who is able to control our activities as accurate as possible

Clients Strategy
Our clients are our real capital & asset which we always try to invest in, and to increase
To satisfy client’s needs as a part of our basic and fixed objectives
To communicate continuously with our clients through every possible method so as to share our success To employ all modern tools of clients services.
To serve our clients depending on our quality assurance standards.

Market Penetration Strategy
To build a wide network with the biggest and most effective companies in the world as strategic allies.
To seek available opportunities through the most advanced tools and to develop the best practices of marketing tools.

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