Palm Tower


The Palm Tower project has been introduced to the local market by Dar Investment & Development in State of Qatar, the geographic twin for Bonyan International Investment Group L.L.C, This prestigious tower is the second project which has been regarded as part of the phenomenal projects for the company and it will be completed in the first half of 2009.

LocationThe Palm Tower is located in the middle of (New Doha) at Cooperation Council Street which is considered to be the center of life and energy business hub for the largest and major international and local corporations in Qatar. The name “Palm” has been used to designate the palm tree which reflects the Arab culture and tradition.


  • Palm Tower is composed of (57) floors and its height is about (245M
  • Floors(11,31,50,57) are service floors
  • Each Tower includes (292) business offices.
  • There is an eight floor building in between Palm Tower A & Palm Tower B and two designated basement which will be used as a car parking for the two towers and dedicated 681 car parking for each tower.
  • Each floor contains six business offices except the first eight floors which contain five offices
  • Each office can be described as an open office space which has been designed to suit the needs of different organizations. This design contributes to the optimum utilization of the available space.
  • From floor 1-8 (5 offices per floor, average total gross area is 1370sqm).
  • From floor 10-49(6 offices per floor, average total gross area is1400sqm).
  • From floor 51-56(3 offices per floor, average total gross area is 900sqm).
  • Ground Floor is divided into different sections described as follows:
  • Anchor area in the central multi-storey building
  • A Main entrance for each tower with a reception area which directly leads to the lift lobby.
  • Side entrances connecting the anchors and towers
  • Administration for each tower
  • Cafeteria, kitchen, and multi-purpose room for each tower

System Description Clarification

1. Fire Alarm System
a. Complete system has been provided for all common areas. Interface Module (IM) for each office.
b. Complete connection between two towers and parking area.
c. Voice equipment (speaker) to serve the fire alarm system.

2. Fire Protection System
a. Parking Areas: 100% Sprinkler System
b. Office Areas: 100% Sprinkler System
c. Pantries: Sprinkler System + fire blank + dry powder
d. MV, HV, Trans Rooms: FM200 fire Suppression System
e. Generation Room: CO2 Fire Suppression System
f. Outside Site Plan: Fire Hydrants
g. Q-Tel & Electrical Rooms: Hand Fire Extiguishers
h. Smoke Management system provided

3. Telephone and Data System
a. Main Distribution Frame (MDF) floor box at each floor and telephone box for each office with complete empty trunking.

4. Same arrangement for Data System from down to up.

5. TV same as Telephone System form up to down.

6. Air Conditioning System
a. Qatar Cool system is used for chilled water supply
b. Tower A and B have independent pumping system for each tower, we split into two it’s split into two zones the high zone and the low zone.
c. Fan coil and air handling units will be provided for the lobby and common areas in each floor.
d. We provide chilled water tapping point for water supply and return.
e. We provide treated fresh and exhaust air duct connected from the main riser to the entrance of each business offices.

7. Power and Lighting System
a. Lighting: Core area – central battery panel (complete system)
Offices – only plan for information
b. Power: Complete distribution for Tower including MV Panels, Main Busducts, SMDB’s, feeder cable and DB for each office (with meter).
All electrical installation (lighting and small power designed at highest leveling services

8. Lightning Protection System – Complete.

9. Complete earthing system provided for the project.
a. Q Tel
b. Generator Room
c. Transformer Room
d. HV. Room
e. MV Room

10. CCTV System
a. Common area (lift lobbies, corridors and stairs)
b. Drive way and gates with access control for technical rooms.

11. UPS system for offices not included.

12. Generator and Synchropanel
a. Emergency power for some lifts (fed from generators)
b. Emergency lighting fed from generators for common area and parking area.
c. Fire pumps, domestic water pumps and pressurizing fans fed from generators.
d. Emergency lighting fed from generator for technical rooms.

Vertical Transport System

We have 19 elevators on each Tower plus 2 Service Lifts. The Tower is divided into four parts, each part will be served by a number of elevators as per drawing plus the study is based on 80% of office population arriving during peak hour.

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